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HeadShotSmall I am a regular host of Innovate, a biweekly podcast featuring dialogue with social entrepreneurs, writers, visionaries and researchers engaged in transformative thinking, action and creative collaboration. Innovate is produced by Ashoka, Innovators for the Public, the Kellogg Fellows Leadership Alliance, the Philadelphia Social Innovations Journal and I-LEAD. Innovate is sponsored by Arch Street Press, publisher for the creative collaborative community.


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  • INNOVATE May 2, 2016
    Innovate is the biweekly podcast featuring timely dialogue with social entrepreneurs, creative visionaries and leading scholars worldwide.Hosted by David Castro and Robert Rimm, Innovate is produced by Ashoka, Innovators for the Public, the Kellogg Fellows Leadership Alliance and the Philadelphia Social Innovations Journal. Subscribe via iTunes, Feedburner, Miro or Stitcher.Innovate Media is a special segment of our Innovate podcast series that […]
  • Harold Wimmer and the American Lung Association: Providing Resources for Healthy Breathing May 1, 2016
    Harold Wimmer is the president and CEO of the American Lung Association, the nation’s oldest voluntary health association, which works to save lives by improving lung health and preventing disease, including lung cancer, asthma, COPD and influenza. The ALA represents more than 21 million constituents and 300,000 volunteers and staff nationwide.Harold earned a B.S. in […]
  • Robert Woodson and the Center for Neighborhood Enterprise: Supporting and Representing Low-Income Communities April 17, 2016
    Robert Woodson, Sr., is the founder and president of the Center for Neighborhood Enterprise, which helps residents of low-income communities to address local and national problems, including violence. CNE assists community and faith-based organizations with training, technical assistance and connecting with support sources, while chronicling and interpreting their experiences to make recommendations for public policy.Bob […]
  • Thomas Tighe and Direct Relief: Mobilizing to Provide Medical and Emergency Care April 3, 2016
    Thomas Tighe is the president and CEO of Direct Relief, a nongovernmental, nonsectarian nonprofit with assistance programs focused on maternal and child health, prevention and treatment of disease, and emergency deterrence and response.Thomas graduated from the University of California, Berkeley in 1982 and received his J.D. from the University of California, Hastings College of Law […]